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Find cost-effective routes

BURSA V2 makes it easy to connect with clients and begin doing great work.

Freedom to work on ideal routes. On BURSA V2, you run your own business and choose your own clients, routes, trucks and freight. Just complete your company profile and we’ll highlight ideal routes.

Get hired quickly

Get in direct contact with companies and customers

Whether you have a single truck or a fleet of trucks, in the BURSA V2 application you have the simple and fast ways to work with other companies. Everything is automated thanks to the implementation of AI (artificialintelligence) in our platform.

Work efficiently, effectively.

Choose the simplest and fastest ways of freight transport.

Our platform offers you a professional and efficient method through which you have the opportunity to find the services you are looking for.

Get paid on time

Forgetting about the payment incident reports.

Thanks to the Blockchain system and AI (artificial intelligence), our method of checking the rating gives you the safety of the contracts concluded on the BURSA V2 platform.

Shipping Freight

Deliver anything in 2 days

Intelligent Transport

We Sync


Trucks Freights Routes

Artificial intelligence perfectly synchronizes goods with truck routes to optimize costs.

AI Mashine

We use the most advanced artificial intelligence technology.

100% Accuracy

The exceptional precision in synchronizing goods with truck routes isessential in optimizing the costs of your business.

Exact Maps

You will benefit from the most efficient and accurate maps that are used in the field of freight transport.

Exact Alerts

You have access to the most prompt system of alerts and ratings on the freight transport market.

Transport Auctions

Benefit from the smartest platform for auctions of freight transport.

Ready to start?
9 €/ month

49.00 € / 6 months

  • 10 Credits
  • Max. 2 Active Trucks
  • Real-time Alert Notification
  • Access to AI Routes
  • Company Profile
39 €/ month

239.00 € / 6 months

  • 50 Credits
  • Max. 5 Active Trucks
  • Real-time Alert Notification
  • Access to AI Routes
  • Company Profile
89 €/ month

539.00 € / 6 months

  • 150 Credits
  • Max. 15 Active Trucks
  • Real-time Alert Notification
  • Access to AI Routes
  • Company Profile


Transport routes throughout Europe, add a free ad to our auction system and get in direct contact with carriers from over 6 countries.

  • Automation of transport
  • Access to premium companies
  • Low shipping price
  • No account required
  • Real-time notifications
  • Real-time transport location
  • Feedback carrier
  • Diversity in freight transport


Avoid unladen courses, the BURSA V2 is a Transport Offers Auctions available throughout Europe, take advantage of available offers, bid and forget about payment incidents.

  • Access to transport offers from all over Europe
  • Easy to use bidding system
  • Competitive prices
  • Visibility on the European transport market
  • Feedback and reviews
  • Long-term contracts
  • Independent services
  • Avoid late payments


Directly from the production line via the API communication interface, connect your business in real time with over 2000 transport companies from all over Europe.

  • Automation of transport
  • Save time in the logistics process
  • Independent services
  • Integrations in internal CRM systems
  • Competitive shipping price
  • Cost effective implementation
  • AI (artificial intelligence) in logistics
  • Security and data protection
Radu - Bursa V2
Changing the way freight moves

Connects shippers and carriers on a platform where everyone wins!

BURSA V2 brings technology and customer service together to change the way shippers move freight, working with shippers and carriers, we are modernizing one of Europe most vital industries.

Direct Match Between Shippers and Carriers
Say Goodbye to Hidden Broker Fees
Real Time Updates through E-mail and Push
Fully Managed, 100% Guaranteed Payments
Enable Push Notification on your device
  • Notifications are Enabled!